Collecting club charges - need new account; what type?

I recently joined a country club. My spending is charged to my Club account and billed to me monthly.
I'm pretty sure I could collect these charges in a new account...just for that purpose.
But, what kind of account would you recommend? I know it's a SPENDING & SAVINGS account, and there are 4 types to choose from. I'm thinking CASH but would like to get some confirmation, or a better idea


  • MichaelWeis
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    I used cash and it seems to work if I use a Transfer transaction when I pay for the month's charges
  • volvogirl
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    I was going to say it's like a credit card account.  But Cash should work too.

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  • NotACPA
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    I'd prefer a Credit card account ... as each of those Club charges represents something that you owe ... just as if you used a regular credit card.
    THEN, when you pay your monthly club bill ... it works just like paying any other charge.
    By using Cash, you're claiming that club transactions are simply "moving money from one pocket to  another", the same as if you were moving it to a Savings account.

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