Weed Out Uncleared Transactions in a Report (Q Mac)

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    In a report, how can I weed out uncleared transactions?

    I am using a report to build a balance sheet and the report is cluttered with uncleared transactions. I know I can add a Clr column to spot these transactions easily, but the (sub-)totals in the report are wrong and do not match those of the balance sheet, making it difficult to compare.
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    There is, of course, no built-in balance sheet report at this time. 

    There is also no filter in reports for status, so I don't know how you'd be able to do this.

    Your best bet that I can think of is to do it in your register. Click in the left sidebar on the account or account group you want included. Set the date range of transactions you want. Then click on the header of the Clr column to sort the register by status; that will let you filter out the uncleared ones. Click on the first reconciled transaction, scroll to the end and Shift-click on the last reconciled transaction, so all the reconciled transactions are selected. Now the part you're probably not going to like: export the selected transactions to a spreadsheet: File > Export > Register Transactions to CSV File. In the dialog box, select Export=Selected transactions only. Open the .csv file in Excel or Numbers, and sort by Category, then date.

    That said, constructing a real balance sheet report that was is not really possible. A  balance sheet doesn't show income and expenses; a balance sheet would show the balance of each asset and liability accounts as of a specific date. The Net Worth Over Time report is basically such a report. You can do it only with month-end values, but if that's oaky, then see if that report will work for you as a balance sheet.
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