Entering a credit in a split transaction

I have been a Quicken user since 1994 so bear with me. When I write checks to pay bills, I use the split feature to list and categorize the items. Works for me. So, each line is a negative number (technically) coming out of the bank balance. How do I enter a credit, such as when I return an item. or I get a credit for a reversed charge on a utility bill? I used to enter +32.95 but I can't seem to do that any longer. :#

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    From :# to :D Thanks, Not a CPA! Do you play one on TV, though?
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    My ID here is meant to be a joke.  As shown in my signature lines, I'm a retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor".
    A CPA doesn't need to understand the computer (and most don't) and I don't need to understand the "timing and recognition of income and expenses" (Accrual accounting).
    FORTUNATELY, Q works on "cash basis accounting", so I get along just fine.

    Q user since February, 1990. DOS Version 4
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription, Business & Personal
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