I'm upgrading from Quicken 7 for MAC to 2019.

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Is Quickfill available in Quicken 2019

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    I hope sooner than latter!
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    Misspelled later
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    They never say when something will come out, unless it's very imminent, because they don't want to frustrate users if there are complications during development and the timeline changes. The Payee renaming rules feature that was release last month was in development since late last year, and took a lot longer than they originally thought it would. As users, we want every feature NOW -- but more importantly, we want it when it (a) works well, and (b) doesn't have bugs. Development of some features is anticipated to take a long time because of the complexity involved, but development can prove more complicated than expected; in testing, troublesome bugs can sometimes take awhile to track down and fix, and beta testers may send the developers back to the drawing board if there's feedback that an update doesn't work well or is confusing.

    And, of course, there are several hundred feature requests we users have asked the developers to work on, so just prioritizing those requests and optimizing who on the development team can work on different aspects of the program can have a major impact on what comes sooner and what comes later.

    Since the product manager has talked about them working on memorized transactions, I'd guess it might be coming late this year or early next year, but that's a guess without inside knowledge of their development roadmap. We just know it's coming…sometime. 
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