Pay for Quicken Bill Pay that I've Not Setup or Used? Downgraded from Premier to Deluxe

Today I extended my membership and downgraded from Premier to Deluxe. Great. Except I just received an email from Quicken telling me that unless I cancel Quicken Bill Pay, I'll be charged $9.95/mo for a service I never setup or used. It gives me a link to cancel QBP, but the link says to call QBP support. When I call QPB support, both options take me to an automated attendant that refers me to the web page that told me to call QPB Support!

I expect this is simply a poorly worded email from Quicken, because how can they charge me for something I never set up? But I want to make sure I won't be charged. I'm currently on hold with Quicken Premier Support. (When I dial regular support, I get a busy signal!) The rep is trying his best to investigate, but it seems he doesn't have access to QBP info.

Here's the relevant portion of the email:

"Your Quicken Bill Pay account is now a PAID PLAN and in 30 days you will be charged $9.95 per month for this service. If you want to stop using Quicken Bill Pay, please see our instructions on how to cancel Quicken Bill Pay or call FIS Quicken Bill Pay support at 1-877-486-8844 for help cancelling your account."

Ideas anyone?
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    Quicken Bill Pay is provided by Metavante. not by Quicken itself.  You need to straighten this out with them by following the instructions that you've been provided.
    And, QBP was a free function of your Premier subscription. That you never used it is immaterial.

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