Why Doesn't Avg. Annual Return Show Up on All Accounts on the Investing Tab?

I have recently noticed an odd occurrence on the Investing Tab (Portfolio) in Quicken - Deluxe (Version R22.12). When I have 3 taxable brokerage accounts selected, none show the Avg. Annual Return (IRR) at the account level. All are present for the individual mutual funds. If I add 2 tax-deferred accounts, 1 of the initial accounts shows the summary IRR. If I use 3 TD accounts, no change, but if I add a 4th, then 2 of the taxable accounts summary IRR are reported. The 3rd shows up when I add a 5th TD account. I also tried this with 4 taxable accounts. Following are all of my trials with this notation: (#of Taxable Accts, #of Tax-Deferred Accts., #Taxable Summary IRRs Shown). Results: 3 taxable (3,0,0), (3,1,0), (3,2,1), (3,3,1), (3,4,2), (3,5,3), and 4 taxable (4,0,0), (4,1,1), (4,2,1), (4,3,2), (4,4,3), (4,4,4). Has anyone noticed this? PS - In all cases the IRR shows up for the tax-deferred accounts regardless of the number I have selected.


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have been able to reproduce similar results when filtering accounts.  In my trials, the issue does not appear to be related to whether the accounts are tax-deferred or not.
  • JLP1976
    JLP1976 Member ✭✭✭
    You are correct. I thought I had run this scenario, but apparently not. I got the same results using only Tax-deferred accounts. Quicken does not display all of the IRR's until I have 6 accounts selected. However, only 1 TD account is blank until I get to 6. Whereas, I can have 3 taxable and 1 TD with nothing showing.
    You mention you have seen similar results when filtering accounts, though I take it that you have no idea why it does this.
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