Investment report not listing all securities

New account opened 2 weeks ago
15 stocks downloaded to the register - correct as far as I can see.
only 1/2 are in the investment report for that account
Quicken Deluxe version R22.17
Quicken updated when I opened it today

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  • dogwind
    dogwind Member ✭✭
    I misspoke - the investment report is OK.
    It is The Investing dropdown "Portfolio" that is off when the box
    Show:Value is selected.
    Second fact then question:
    If I choose Custom 1-9 I see them all but Custom 1 is much larger value than 2-9.
    Are these pre-sets? I have not created 9 Custom views and have no idea if Custom 1 is different than 2-9 because I did customize the 1st one.
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