Purchase of an annuity - Record as investment

Quicken Premiere, Running W10. How can I schedule the periodic receipt of payments from an annuity I purchased?

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  • NotACPA
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    How did you record, in Q, the purchase?
    In what type of account is the annuity recorded?
    Do you expect to receive ONLY those periodic payments?  Or, at some point in the future, do you expect to get your principal back?
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    Thank you, NotACPA. [You're 'the man', by the way. Always willing to offer helpful suggestions and solutions. Thanks.]

    The source of the annuity purchase price is from a former employer's Cash Balance Plan. I have been tracking the Cash Balance Plan (CBP) balance as an Investment. Now it is time to receive a distribution from the CBP. The option I'm considering is taking it as an annuity.

    > I haven't recorded the annuity yet.
    > I expect to receive a stated monthly payment over my life.
    [The IRS Table says that will be 17 years.]
    > I will not receive any principal.

    Any suggestions you have are appreciated.

  • bparker
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    NotACPA, Super! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do the same. Appreciate your thoughtful comments.
  • bparker
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    Got it! Thanks for the additional tip.

    Best regards,
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