I really need a business version of Quicken for my mac. Will one be released any time soon?

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Will a business version for mac be released any time soon? I see that people have been requesting it for several years now but nothing recently.

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    @klwew As noted throughout the thread Greg provided above, it's not that nothing has been done for several years. What they've been doing is building out the features of the core Mac product, which the business features would be built on top of. They couldn't add the business features if they hadn't completed, for instance, building a powerful and flexible new reports engine in the core Quicken Mac. As Quicken Mac gets more full-featured and closer in functionality to Quicken Windows, they can consider adding the additional features of the Home & Business version.

    Once they feel the base product is complete enough, they then need to assess how many programming years it would take to add the necessary business functionality, and if the revenue from having such a product would justify its development. There's no doubt there's pent up user interest in such a product, but whether it's enough to invest the time creating it is what they need to conclude. I would guess that business and development decision has been made inside Quicken, but they aren't going to say anything until/unless they're well along the road to having a product to release. 
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