Hidden, closed accounts showing in reports

Fairly recently, I've noticed hidden and closed accounts showing in Net Worth report. I've tried customizing the report, show hidden, clear all, uncheck show hidden, select all. The problem is that hidden accounts are still being shown and selected even when the checkbox to show hidden accounts isn't checked. I assume this is similar to accounts that have ever been used as a transfer account never go away in the category list. But my issue is different - reports. This behaviour is fairly new.

Alternatively, would like ability to not include accounts with zero balance.

Quicken Premier Windows 2019 R22.17 Build


  • Jim_Harman
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    It appears that the Show Hidden Accounts checkbox only controls whether accounts marked as Separate are shown in the selection list. I would call this a bug; I think it should also affect accounts that are marked as Hidden.

    The zero balance accounts issue has been discussed at length elsewhere. One question is whether the selection should exclude accounts that have a zero balance at the end of the reporting period or those that have had a zero balance for the entire period.

    To remove unwanted accounts from the report, you must de-select them from the list.
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  • LexLuther
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    It is a bug. And a change of behaviour from many years of Quicken (I first started using in the early 90s).

    Deselecting Show Hidden Accounts does in fact remove some accounts, but not all. I suspect the hidden accounts that remain are ones that have been used for transfer, but I haven't tracked that down yet.

    I already hide accounts to exclude them from reports, so doing that again on a per report basis is unacceptable.
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