Problem with changing investment dividend reminder into an estimated amount (from fixed amount)

I am subscriber to Quicken Canada. I am unable to change several income reminders (for dividend income), from fixed amount to estimated amount. They work fine as reminders, with a fixed dividend amount in play. But then, in spite of having over ten historical reminders successful logged into Quicken history, I am unable to change into estimated amounts.

Upon attempting to change the amount, from fixed to estimated amount, i keep getting a message "Quicken can't this number of previous transactions". It seems like Quicken does not make a connection to those earlier transactions.

It does not matter whether I choose one, two or three previous transactions to enable the estimate. This regarless of over ten earlier entries in Quicken data, by using the "fixed amount" option.
I am just unable to use previous payments to enable a change into "Estimate amount for me = ON". Because of blockage mentioned earlier.
I would like to post a snapshot in this forum. But I am unable to see how.
Thanks all.


  • Correction: Error message reads "Quicken can't find this number of previous transactions".
  • Jim_Harman
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    Have you tried creating a new reminder with the settings you want? If that works you can delete the old one.
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  • Thanks for your suggestion.
    The problem manifests itself with every new reminder. Obviously, each new reminder has to be started with an estimated amount, because of zero history.

    After creating about 5 historical transactions, I attempt to change them into estimated amounts. 90% of the time that effort fails. How I succeed remaining 10% of the time is a mystery to me.
    During those 10% attempts, the change-out just works for some reason. Yet other older transactions will fail same method.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Hmm, I see the same issue in Quicken US. 

    Maybe someone knows a trick to get Quicken to reliably estimate the amount of investing income transactions.
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  • Interesting that this issue is reflected in Quicken US also. In my Canadian experience, Quicken US issues are generally solved promptly.
    After over 15 years of Quicken usage, I have observed this unfortunate setback for Canadian users.
    Getting back to subject, this broader audience to the problem means somebody should know a workaround.
    How does one contact Quicken? I was unable to find a link to send this issue to Quicken.