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Hi. I currently am using the latest Quicken for Mac as well as Quicken 2007 concurrently. I know I need to wean myself off the latter. But one of the features it has that the latest version lacks is the ability to create a quick report that searches the memo/notes field. It seems like an easy enough feature to add. Why isn't that functionality available/when will it arrive?

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    Rick - You're awesome! That's even faster than creating a report. Thanks so much!
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    @bagroom Just adding a note that you typically don't even need to take the step of selecting the Memo/Notes dropdown in the Search box unless you specifically want to restrict the search to that one field. If you don't select a field, it will search all visible fields.

    If you're looking for when you bought your refrigerator, for instance, you can likely just type "refrigerator" in the Search box, because that word isn't likely to appear in other fields.
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