Where are investment performance reports?

QM has regular updates, and keeps touting the improvement in reports, but I still cannot find simple investment performance reports... Where are they located? What are they called? I had decades using Quicken on a PC for investment tracking, but remain frustrated with Quicken for Mac...

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  • circustown
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    Thank you John. I was afraid that would be the answer. After decades of flexible reporting in the Windows version, I have a sinking feeling toward the Mac version...
  • jacobs
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    @circustown I'll disagree with John on this: there are investment reports -- they're just not on the Reports menu.

    You can select an investment account, or all your investment accounts in the left sidebar, set how you want to view your investments (value, gain or performance; grouped by account, security, type or asset class) with the filters on the Portfolio view, select which columns you want to view (including ROI and IRR for performance), and then click the Print icon on the right side or the Portfolio menu bar. This allows you to generate a significant number of investment reports. I'm sure there might be some combination of parameters which can't be built this way, but I think these reports meet many investors needs.
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  • circustown
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    @jacobs Thank you for your suggestion. I agree that it is possible to manipulate the portfolio display to glean useful information. It is cumbersome, manual, and limiting, in lieu of selecting an actual report and customizing, but possible.

    I can only select one account or all, not selected accounts. I cannot use a custom date range, only YTD, 1yr,... or select column displays. Basically it is a limited, manual, pseudo-report compared to the Windows version of Quicken with which I am familiar. But it is much better than no report. Thank you @jacobs for the help.

    I am contemplating using Fusion and a Windows VM to return to QW, or just giving up on Quicken altogether.
  • circustown
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    Thank you again @jacobs. I missed that part, and will use it if I continue with QM. Help such as yours, offering solutions and work-arounds, is what makes continuing a possibility. Thank you for your expertise!
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