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I entered into an agreement with Fidelity to loan shares to another bank. I don't know how to enter this into the Quicken Registry. According to the agreement, this does not effect my ability to sale the shares. The transaction comes across and is asking what to do (how to handle it) and gives me 4-options at which only the top two makes sense (Remove the Shares or Transfer the Shares). If I remove, it seems that quicken won't allow me to enter a sale (at a later time). I'm not sure what to do. Anybody have experience with Loaning their shares and entering into Quicken. I have a picture of what quicken is asking me to do but no way to post the picture on this forum. :'(


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    I'm assuming this is essentially loaning your shares to accommodate short sellers.  Given that you can sell your loaned shares at any time and you still technically own them, my advice would be to not do anything related to the loaning of the shares.  Just leave them in Quicken as if they were not loaned.
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    Concur with K.O.   I "lend" my shares of Wells Fargo, via Fidelity,  ... but there's nothing to record in Q as I still "own" the shares and I still receive the dividends on those shares.

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