How do I edit multiple categories at once?

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  • CDR Mom
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    I just started using Quicken and the download of all my past transactions show my paychecks as Other Inc instead of salary. Is there way to fix all the errors at once?
  • Sherlock
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    edited November 2019
    I suggest you use Find and Replace: select Edit > Find/Replace... or press Ctrl + H.
  • UKR
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    Please remember that there is no category information coming into Quicken as part of the downloaded transaction data. At best, some of it is deduced based on Payee Name and prior recorded transactions to this Payee.
    If you need correct, detailed Paycheck information for each of your paychecks, you need to set up a Scheduled Paycheck reminder in Quicken with all the details about gross income and deductions. Use it to replace all the downloaded paycheck transactions, one at a time.
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