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I have an ETF showing in three different investment accounts, but it should only be in two of those accounts. The third account entry should be a different investment, a mutual fund. I can't delete the third entry because it shows in the other two accounts. I can't change the entry because it wants me to merge quotes, which affects the other two accounts. What do I do? Thanks!

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  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Assuming that "the entry" is referring to a transaction, e.g., a "Buy", you certainly should be able to delete that.  You may have to re-key entries in that third Account to reflect the actual activity in the mutual fund.  If there's not a whole lot of entries in the third Account that's the approach I'd take.
  • I have deleted all transactions associated with the ETF in the third account, but Quicken won't let me delete the investment in that account as it keeps telling me I have other transactions that need to be deleted first. I'm assuming it's referring to the transactions in the other two accounts, which I do not want to delete. Rekeying entries for the mutual fund that should be in the third account (or adding it as a new investment) doesn't get rid of the ETF and the associated quote and market value added incorrectly to the third account total.
  • Your solution to delete the placeholder worked perfectly. Thanks!!
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