Unable to select 2019 for Schedule A Itemized Deductions report

Quicken 2017 version R19.7

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    Tax Reports in Quicken are only in effect for the year previous to the year version, the year of the year version and the following year after the year version.

    But don't fret.  Just create a category report based on and customized to only those itemized deduction categories that have Schedule A tax line items assigned and use the Current Year as the date range.  It's pretty easy to select which accounts and categories you need.  

    Then save the report...and it's the same as the Schedule A Quicken stock report.  In the future, you shouldn't have to change the report settings unless you add accounts or Schedule A categories.  

    To make things even easier, create a stock Schedule A report for 2018, print it and the categories you need will be listed there.  There's not really a lot of them, so selecting them in your current report should be easy.  Make sure you expand the Category heading so you can see the full category name in case you have multiple categories in one Schedule A area.

    For example, there is no Schedule A tax line item for medical insurance payments you make.  So I lump mine into Schedule A: Medicine and Drugs.  Just make sure you select your Pharmacy category AND Medical Insurance category for your report.  
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    And I was just thinking...you could always create a Tax Summary report in Quicken.  That allows you to select the current year (or year to date).  All your tax line item categories will be there.  And if you print it out, you'll get an even wider picture of what you need to enter into your tax return, as this will include Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule D and Schedule F transactions.  
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    Run the Tax Schedule Report.
    This report includes all of the Sched A, B, etc. info.
    This report also has rat option to set any desired date range.
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