Am getting error OL 221 A when I try to download from synchrony (BP Oil) to Quicke. Why?

I'm starting to cringe when Quicken is updated as more often than not, a new problem appears which wasn't there or had been taken care of. The latest: can't download from BP (Synchrony Bank card) to quicken. Why do I get error OL 221A?

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  • UKR
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    Please read and follow instructions here:
    Other errors recently reported with Synchrony-managed card accounts appear to have been resolved.

  • Moorhatch
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    Suggestion from UKR doesn't resolve the problem. I'm trying to download from Synchrony BP to Quicken. UKR's response says it's Synchrony's problem. BP says it's Quicken. I use Chrome and it is up to date. I repeat: I cringe when Quicken issues updates. For me, they often recreate problems that I've and and were resolved in the past.
  • may0528
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    The issue started with the latest upgrade from Quicken. A few days prior to the upgrade, it worked. Upgraded to R23.14 and it failed.

    I spoke with Synchrony who stated this is a Quicken issue but asked they escalate to the software developers anyway.

    No help from Quicken support. I asked that they escalate to their software developers as well.

    Troubleshooting 101 in IT - back-out what has changed and see if the problem continues. **According to Quicken, I can't back-out the change.
  • may0528
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    Side note - I'm attempting to File/import the QFX file which was downloaded from the Synchrony BP site.
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    I have the same issue and results :-(
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