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How to zero account balance for 401K? Using Quicken 2017 Premier on Windows.

The account shares were transferred to 2 different accounts not owned by the Quicken account owner (due to death of owner). The account has over 40 stocks. I no longer have access to online download to automatically remove each stock in an orderly manner for each transaction. I don't need to keep the details, I just trying to zero the balance. Not sure of the best way (what transaction type) to do it, simply. Is there a single transaction type I can use?

Thank you.

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  • tas99
    tas99 Member ✭✭
    q_lucker, thank you for the quick and informative response. I may try your suggestion. The thing is, there is a second account with about 60 holdings, so a total of about 100 transactions to Remove Shares. Your concise option may be easier. I do appreciate your input. best, T
  • tas99
    tas99 Member ✭✭
    Thank you Tom.
    You are correct. I had created a Quicken file for my father, managed his accounts until he passed away last year. Once the shares were distributed to a sibling and me, I was so busy w/settling the estate I forgot that the FI would only keep the transaction history available for download for 3 months, and I missed that window. So instead of having to manually manage each holding (over 100 in 2 accounts) I was looking for a simple way to do it. The taxes have already been taken care of so I am not too concerned about how Quicken will report things, just that the accounts get zeroed out efficiently. Thanks for your suggestions.
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