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I have been using Quicken in various forms for many many years. I understand that you have not supported the UK market for a number of years and I have always managed to get Quicken 2004 to work on my old laptop using windows 7.

However, this old laptop is now in need of replacing and of course the 2004 version of Quicken will not work with windows 10.

Do you have a solution for the many thousands of UK customers in the same situation? Is there a version I could purchase that would enable me to access my quicken files as I cannot risk losing them.

Would the US version work in the UK?


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  • Dan Glynhampton
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    I'm in the UK too and am using the latest US version, so yes, it's possible to do so.  You'll be subject to the same restrictions of manual entry that you'll have been using with your 2004 version as no UK bank downloads are supported.

    You may have problems converting your old UK database to a more recent version.  I managed to convert an old Q2000UK database, but others have reported that newer UK versions fail to convert.  Here are the steps I suggest you try:

    1.  Make sure you have a secure backup copy of your existing Quicken database files in a safe place.  Do the following steps with copies of that backup so that if something goes horribly wrong you don't lose the data.

    2. Go to this page on the Quicken website and download the free copy of the US version of Q2004 found under the "Converting a data file from Quicken 98 - 2003" section. Install it on Windows 10 and see if it will open your data file. 

    3. Irrespective of whether Q2004 (US) was able to open your data file, download the free US version of Q2013 found in the "If you are converting from Quicken 2004 through 2009" section of the page I linked to in step 2 and install it on Windows 10. If you successfully opened your file with the US Q2004 this will update your files to the Q2013 format. If Q2004 failed to open your file then Q2013 may or may not be able to open and convert it. If at this point you have successfully converted your old UK file to Q2013, go to step 5 below, otherwise try step 4.

    4. There's one other possible way to convert your old data, which is to go via Microsoft Money.  A sunset version of Money can be downloaded from here.  Install it and see if it will open and convert your Q2004 UK files.  If it does, you now have your data in Microsoft Money format.  Next, open those Microsoft Money files in the US version of Q2013 that you installed in step 3; that should be able to read and convert them back to Quicken.

    5. At this point you should have Q2013 installed, hopefully with your old data successfully converted. If your data hasn't converted I'm afraid the only realistic option is to start a new data file.

    6. As you will be using it in a fully manual mode you could stick with that version of Q2013, I don't believe it will expire, although eventually updates to Windows might mean it won't run and you'll find yourself in the same situation you are in today.  Alternatively you could upgrade to the latest version if you wish to. 
    US Quicken Deluxe for Windows Subscription R28.16 on Windows 10 Pro v2004
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    :) 2002
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    Looking to convert data in UK version
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    Thank you Dan. I'll try to follow through with your tips.
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