has anyone experienced a message requiring you to reload 2017

I got the message that my quicken was corrupted and I needed to reload. Fortunately I still my disk. As you might guess I could not log in once I downloaded. I called Quicken support and they stated since they no longer had 2017 on their system they couldn't help me And I should purchase 2019. This appears to be a scam to get new subscribers.

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  • chitownhockey
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    Download the Quicken Windows 2017 Mondo Patch from here:


    Quicken changed from an Intuit ID to a Quicken ID during the update cycle.  The original Quicken 2017 looks for an Intuit ID.  Subsequent updates changed to the Quicken ID.  The Mondo Patch will update Quicken 2017 to get you to use your current Quicken ID.

    Let us know if that helps.  
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    If you were in contact with real Quicken support, they gave you bad information.  Quicken 2017 is a supported product until 4/30/2020.
    I'll make sure that a moderator sees your post and looks into it.

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