This download from Schwab is exhibiting odd behavior.

Tom Young
Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
My wife took her RMD from an inherited IRA without telling me about it so the download of the distribution that showed up today had nothing to match to and indicated it was a "new" transaction.  The download itself was a "Withdraw" action and you can see it as the second entry in the transaction list below:

I changed the proposed entry to a "WithdrwX", entered the appropriate "to" Account and hit Enter.  The transaction was recorded in the transaction list properly, marked with a "c" in the Clr column, (first entry above), but the downloaded transaction showing in the Downloaded Transaction remained "new" and still wanted to be included in the transaction list.  I hit Enter again and the downloaded transaction entered the transaction list again as an incomplete entry, no Category or Account to offset the cash, and the downloaded transaction's status changed to "accepted."  Of course at this point the Account has negative cash.
This is easy enough to fix but it did give me a chance to ask a couple of questions:
  1. Is there any logic, any programmatic rationale, for Quicken's presentation of the WithdrwX action as a reduction of the Inv. Amt. instead of the Cash Amt.. and the use of the blue "Transfer" indication under Cash Amt.?  The transaction clearly is a reduction of cash and I find the presentation confusing and suggesting there's a placeholder involved.
  2. Quicken usually warns you if you try to make an entry without an offsetting Category or Account but didn't here.  How come?  (Yes, that warning is working in my file.)
The distribution showed up in the Tax Summary report only once; I assume that's because a "transfer out" is defined by Quicken as a reduction in the Account offset by an increase in another Account and the second entry didn't have a "to" Account listed.