Quicken 2020 Premier for Windows - One mutual account fund not showing any market value

Hello all. I just set up Quicken 2020 Premier for Windows and ingested the data file from 2014. For the most part, things are working okay. I have a series of accounts for Mutual Funds. They are all connected to the various brokers and I have been able to download transactions. In the register, one of them shows no market value. If I look at the Account List, it almost looks like nothing has been downloaded to that account, as there are just zeroes for placeholders. I can see the share balance in the register and I have updated security prices. All other accounts update and show the balance. All but this one.

What troubleshooting suggestions might you have ? Many thanks

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  • mrmanouche
    mrmanouche Member ✭✭
    Well, that was easy. Thank you for the concise instructions. I have been piecing together transactions, as some were not recorded before I updated. Again, thank you for the tip. I will know to look for that in the future.
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