investment performance report -> "securities" selection messed up?

I have been playing with quicken reports as I have recently upgraded from quicken 2014. I have been having problems with report errors.

The problem seems to be "Customize->Securities" selection is messed up. It seems kind of random how it handles the inclusion/exclusion of records

For example:

I created a simple new data file with four transactions as below


Date Action Transaction Price Shares Amount C Cash Balance
2019-11-22 Cash 0 0.00
2019-11-22 Cash foofoo 0 -1.00 -1.00

2019-11-22 Cash foofoo 0 -2.00 -3.00
2019-11-22 Cash 0 -3.00 -6.00

2019-11-22 Cash 0 -4.00 -10.00

If a do a default investment performance report I only see the $3 and $4 transaction included


but if I remove the tick on the customize -> securities -> foofoo i get the following report with all for transactions.

< report2.png>

I don't know why they are like this... its the opposite of what I would expect. The end result (bottom line)is the same but the line items are different. It gets more messed up with a larger datasets. Is there something I don't understand about these reports? or is there something wrong with them?

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