Reports on business related Categories do not show detail

Trying to do category report for one of my business categories and all I get is the cost of individual items but no detail on what the items are. Running category reports on non-business categories show normally. When I click on the lines of the report, it always goes back to a payment entry rather than an invoice entry. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken from the download on my upgrade to business


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    If you haven't already, I suggest you reset the columns of the report: open the report, press Alt + C, and select Reset Columns

    If the issue persists, you may want to review:
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    I ran through your suggestions and the presentations did not change. I've attached a PDF document showing some of the screens. I have a more complete sequence of screen prints if needed.
    I took the Vendor invoices for Feb 2019, since I have a number of “Material” items in those invoices.
    I selected “Material” for the period “Feb 19” in the Easy Answer reports “How much did I spend on…..?”
    The resulting report is still like the original screen print with missing data.
    When I select a line that matches one of the items in the Invoice and double click to go to the source, it takes me to a PMT entry instead of opening an INVC entry.
    One thing I did notice is that if I select a vendor in the Vendor Invoices section, right click on the gear symbol and select “More Reports”, I can select “Vendor Report for <vendor> and I get a “Payee Report” that has all the purchases from that vendor and all the items are there but in unexpected columns.
    That is the display that I would expect to see when I do a category report for just one category for all vendors. If I go through the same path as above and select “More Reports”> “Itemized Categories” I get a report like my original with data missing.
    Since I haven't seen any comments indicating others are having this issue, I'm guessing this is a problem with my setup, my data entries, or the report parameters. It could also be that other users do not run this type of report.
  • Firebird1
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    Is anyone else having this problem or is it something wrong with my install, settings, or the way my data is entered? Alternately, am I the only one who tries to pull this kind of report on the business side of Quicken.?
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