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Rearrange order of items in income reminder?

Quicken Windows / R23.14.

Can I re-arrange the order of items in the income reminder screen?
When I go to enter my paycheck, my paystub for example is:

Fed Tax

However in Quicken, it's for example

Fed Tax

so it'd be easier to enter it if I could just enter it line by line
without even thinking about it, so to speak. Can that be changed?

Thanks :)

Best Answer


  • Evan S Platt
    Evan S Platt Member ✭✭
    > @NotACPA said:
    > Sure.  Just open that Reminder and cut/paste to move the items in the Split screen to the order that you want and then save the transaction.  Be sure that you tell the edit that you want to change "this and all future transactions".

    Awesome! Thank you. Didn't think of that. Guess I was trying to 'move' :)
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