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Does anyone know how to create a simple (total number) monthly income/expense report? I could create one in windows, not so on my new Mac. I just want a total (number only) monthly income verses a total number expense. No detail just (2) numbers.
Exp. November Income $6500, expense $3650. Thanks to any help I can get. Just a quick look to see if I'm not drowning.


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    A couple ways to do this that are pretty easy.

    A very simple way would be to click on the "Banking" heading in the sidebar.

    Then click on Income...which will give you the total income.  Then click on Spending...which will give you the total expenses.  Make sure you select the appropriate time frame...This Month, Month to Date, This Year, etc.  and select All Banking Accounts in the drop down next to that.  You can just switch back and forth between the two for a very quick picture of where you're at.  

    Or you could just create a New Report > Category report.  Select the Banking Accounts and All Categories.  You can have columns for each month, This Month, Month to Date, This Year, etc.

    The initial report will give you all categories listed, but if you click on the little triangle before the Income heading and the Expenses heading, those categories will minimize to just those two headings.  And you can save the report as created.

    As a new user, I would always use New Reports to start with any new report setup.  It's more flexible than the old version Quicken Mac stock reports, which never worked well in most scenarios for me, at least.  
  • Thank you very much chitownhockey. This is exactly what I was looking for!
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    Just to clarify a few things, there is no longer a "New Report" in the current Quicken product; "New Report was replaced by three menu items to Create Transaction/Summary/Comparison Report.

    In this case, wanting a simple income & expense, you would select Create Summary Report. In the Create Summary Report panel, leave the selections on the defaults --Row=Category, Column=Time, Interval=None -- and click Continue to Customize. The default date range is current year-to-date, but set it to whatever you want (Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, etc., or a custom date range) and click OK. So in just a couple clicks, you get a report showing you categories, but it shows total Income at the Top, Total Expenses a little lower, and the Grand Total at the bottom.

    As chitownhockey said,iIf you want to hide the categories and just have a simple two-line two line report, make two more clicks on the little triangles to the left of "INCOME" and "EXPENSE" to hide all the categories. 

    You can do the same thing with Create Comparison Report if you want to compare two different time periods.
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