my loan account closes each time I enter a transaction

my loan account closes each time I enter a transaction

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  • Tom Young
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    What version of Quicken and what build are you running?  (Help > About Quicken)
    Is this a loan payable or a loan receivable?
    What sort of transactions are you entering into the loan Account, and why?  If you've used Quicken's loan wizard to set up the loan you'd generally never actually enter a transaction directly into the loan Account; all activity is typically originated in a cash Account, i.e., a payment or deposit.
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    2017 Home and Business. I use deposit accounts and loan accounts. I have my complete financial information on Quicken including assets, loans(mortgages, credit-cards, installments), investments and bank accounts.

    This account is a Home Equity Line of credit. The bank enters transaction for example directly into this account such as it enters a loan advance for the interest expense. On the due date for the payment the bank charges the checking account and credits the loan.

    When I do advances, I enter them as transfers between the loan account and checking account tied to the loan. I enter all my entries manually and do not download them.  That is my preference.

    I tried to enter the interest advance entry and Quicken shut down. I then had to restart Quicken. The entry for the interest charge had loaded.

     I have had the same issue with my previous version of Quicken (2015) except in that program, Quicken closed each time I tried to open the loan account.
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