Difference between two reports that should be the same.

If I click on Category Summary under the report function I get a report that includes all of my items from last month. If I use Create Summary Report, give it the same guidelines, I get different amounts in some of the categories. For example, I get all four of the "entertainment" purchases in the Category Summary, but when I used the Create Summary Report, the "entertainment" category shows only 3 items. I have tried varying the length of time (this year, past 6 months, etc) and if I use the Create Summary Report or Create Transaction Report, it comes out with just 3 of the items showing up instead of 4. And the 3 out of 4 change over time. Also happens with other categories, but this one seems to continuous. Which means I can't depend upon the "Create" block.


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    I've seen numerous cases where the old Category Summary report fails to include some transactions, but I've never yet seen a case where the newer Create Transaction Report or Create Summary Report fails to include data. I can't see what you're seeing on your screen, but I'd suspect something with a filter is likely causing your discrepancy. It's also possible you've uncovered a new bug, but there haven't been any reports here that I can recall about transactions missing from the "new" reports.

    (If you care to capture and post some screen shots, it would help to see the four transactions in the Category Summary report, the three transactions in the Create Transaction Report, and then the Customize screen and each of its tabs for the Create Transaction Report. That's lot of screen shots, so I'd understand if you don't want to post them all. It's just hard to troubleshoot this without seeing what you're seeing.)
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    Ok, I have had this ongoing problem so I looked at what wasn't being put into the correct place (Entertainment). The payee was listed as AMC Online. Because nothing else would work, I changed the payee name to AMC Theater and viola, the Entertainment total in the Summary report is correct. Still doesn't answer the question as to why the Category Summary (default) works but when I did a Create Category Summary it would not capture that one payment! Obviously a gremlin, but I can't figure out why the word online in the payee name was such a problem.
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