Any update from Quicken when the feature to include or exclude accounts from a budget?

It is impossible for me to use the budget attributes and reporting when all accounts in quicken dump into the budget features. It looks like this function has been requisitions since 2016? Remarks would be appreciated.

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  • dalrad1
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    Thanks for your comments and update John_in_NC, I appreciate your time. My subscription to Quicken updates next month and I am wrestling with what to do, without the budget flexibility. Thanks again!
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    The last time the Quicken Mac product manager offered any comment on this, he indicated that the partial implementation of being able to include/exclude transfers in reports the the latest 5.13 release, was the first step in a process that will eventually include transfers for budgets. But he has also said the budget code is complex and requires a lot of work to modify, which is why they haven't implemented it yet. Nonetheless, he has committed that this functionality is coming -- we just don't know when. My guess -- like John, it's only a guess trying to triangulate the little snippets of information we have -- would be that we'll see this functionality sometime in 2020, but not in the next couple months.
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