I've backed up (Q H&B) often for 20+ years... Is saving that SAME file (180 gb) a problem???

Users are saving "annual" .QDF 's. I have many copies of my single .QDF (frequently updated and saved). Like everyone, I have new transactions and data added virtually daily. The newly updated QDF file is just like the previously backed-up one, except it has the newer data added "today" that the previous one doesn't have. Yes, the file size is large, but I see no "slow down" or other issues with it. Am I setting my self up for a catastrophy???

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    Do you mean 180 MB?  When you do HELP and hold down the CTRL key while clicking "About Quicken" what does it show as your "Size of QDF file"?
    Also, do you attach statements/etc to your transactions?

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