Error AL-221-A when attempting to import Synchrony bank (BP) QXF file - after R23.14 (updated)

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Ever since the subscription updated to 2020 R23.14 build I've been unable to import the QXF file from sycrony (BP card).

I've spoken with both Quicken tech support and Sycrony tech support.
Quicken case # - 7159724 and Syncrony incident 1596630.

Both groups are pointing the finger at each other saying its the others problem leaving the customer stuck in the middle with no where to go.

What is the customer suppose to do at this point?

True support organizations would take the lead and contact Syncrony, create a test qxf download from their BP card system, and attempt to import it and diagnose the problem collaboratively.

At this point I'm stuck and extremely frustrated.

If this is not resolved by Jan, I'll be looking to move to alternatives such as (removed)

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