How do I get quicken 2004 loaded in the background and use quicken 2017?

I have been using quicken for years now. It has worked well. I started using quicken 2004 and then upgraded to quicken 2017. Recently, I had a crash of the hard drive of the computer. The had to put a new hard drive in it. All of my quicken data was lost.
I believe that I have to re-install Quicken 2004, for the old transactions and the update to quicken 2017. Does that seem right? Anyone with information about how to do this would be appreciated. Does this sound correct?
Is this something that I can probably work through, or wait for guidance with quicken support on Monday.

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  • splasher
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    Each Quicken version is a complete installation, you do not need to install the 2004 version followed by the 2017 version, just install the 2017 version.
    Your biggest issue is whether or not you have recent Quicken backup files to restore from.
    If you don't have any backups, let this be a painful lesson to make routine backups of the Quicken data to a removable media in the future .

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