Issues with Exercise Employee Stock Option

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  • @txscott, I have the same problem. However, another grant worked fine last week. Have you gotten a resolution? I triple checked all of the details and it looks fine in the account. I may try to delete and reenter.
  • Michael Farley
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    @txscott, the only difference I saw between my two grants was that the second one exercised on a Saturday, not a week day. So, I edited the expire date on the grant transaction to be 1 day earlier on a Friday. I used the original date on the exercise Wizard. This fixed the problem! Might be a bug.
  • Tom Young
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    While Quicken doesn't have explicit support for RSUs you can effectively track them using the NQSO "wizard" and using the smallest exercise price Quicken will accept of $.000001 per share.
    Over here I helped a user who thought her husband had a NQSO but after a long back-and-forth I concluded he most likely had an RSU and posted the entries to use in this case; they show up in the "Accepted Answer."
    If you're getting the "None of your grants have vested shares available..." message that would seem to suggest that something was wrong in the initial setup of the grant.  You do have to have the RSU "vest" to, in effect, allow you to "exercise" the "option."
  • @Tom Young , please see my post about changing the expiration date to a week day. I have used the Wizard for years and the transaction entries were correct. Thanks for the response.
  • Tom Young
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    I see now that you were using the word "expire" when I was actually reading "exercise."
    I did a test and made sure the exercise date was on a Saturday, and had no problems.
    Of course once a grant "expires" then you simply can't exercise that grant, period.  Maybe that was the crux of the problem here?  That is, you were exercising after expiration date?

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