Issues with GreenState Credit Union and Quicken

For the last several weeks my ability to download transactions from GreenState Credit Union (formerly the Univ of Iowa Comm CU) has become harder and harder to successfully do. I had an online support chat and they had me disable all the online access and run a super validate on the file which found nothing of significance. Except now if I try to add an account so I can relink my accounts, Quicken bails out of trying to connect very quickly and I get the helpful info of "Quicken encountered an error. Its not your fault." I tried installing Quicken on my wife's laptop and starting from scratch and it was able to download the transactions. I restore my file to her laptop and I get the same error message I get on my computer. My frustration with the crappy function after years of fairly reliable downloads is reaching the breaking point.

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  • gpmroch
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    Thank you Sarah. That appears to have resolved my problem.
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