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I upgraded from Quicken 2014 (Win) to Quicken 2017 (MAC). I am inputing scheduled transactions ahead of their due date. How do I get the running balance on the account? I am having to use a calculator to get it. All I can get is "Today's Balance" or the "Projected Balance," neither are the current balance of entered transactions. Very Frustrating!! Q14 gave the running balance as soon as you entered the transaction, future or current.

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  • volvogirl
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    Do you have the balance column?  If you are not showing a balance column then you might first need to select an individual account in the side bar.  

    You can't get a running balance unless it's sorted by date. Click the DATE column heading to sort by date. And for Mac click on "Reset Filters" at the top of the register-some filters prevent the balance from showing.

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • chitownhockey
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    Also, with Quicken Mac you MUST be in the actual register for that account and have TRANSACTIONS selected.

    The Quicken Mac sidebar has many different groupts.  For example, there is ALL TRANSACTIONS.  Below that is BANKING.  Below that is CHECKING.

    And below that CHECKING group are all your checking accounts.  You can NOT get running balances at any of the groups EXCEPT the actual checking account (or credit card account, investment account, etc).

    To see these different tiers, click on the three horizontal dots at the very top of the sidebar and then select Expand All Sidebar Groups.  You will now see each account.
    You can collapse select groups by clicking on the little triangle next to each group heading.  

    Where some people get confused is they have a group heading CHECKING and their checking account named Checking.  That Checking account should be seen below CHECKING.

    And as I also mentioned, once you select the actual account name, you need to select the TRANSACTIONS tab above the actual register area.  You will not get the balance with the Spending or Income tab.

    And finally, if you don't see the Balance column with TRANSACTIONS selected in the actual register, go to Columns on the bottom of the register and make sure BALANCE is checked.  

    You'll notice you can't add the BALANCE column to any other register option.  
  • I am in the correct account, have Balance Column selected and am sorted by date. If I don't enter any "future" transactions until their date then the balance works. If I enter any scheduled transactions before they are due, then it does not give me the running total. I receive my deposits at the beginning of the month. I enter all of the scheduled transactions for the month so they are paid first. Then I add transactions as I go through the month. But if I want to know the balance of all transactions entered (both current and future) I can't get the current balance. It worked perfectly in Quicken 14 for Windows.
  • chitownhockey
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    First off, Quicken Mac isn't anything like Quicken Windows.  Dispel that notion right from the start.

    Did you follow my instructions?  Did you select the ACTUAL checking register in the sidebar, or are you on one of the group or subgroup headings?  The group or subgroup headings are in bold.  Your actual checking account is not in bold.

    I have Quicken Mac 2017, I do EXACTLY as you do (enter ALL my monthly income and expense transactions) and I have no issue seeing the running balances for each.

    Any chance you can download a screen shot(s) of what you are seeing?  You can redact sensitive info, but I'd like to see the sidebar selection and the actual register screen.  

    Also, make sure that in the checking register you have the following:

    The correct date frame selected.  I use ALL DATES, but This Month or Last Month or others will also work.

    ANY TYPE is selected (not Income or Spending).

    ANY STATUS is selected (not uncategorized, untagged, uncleared, etc).  Anything other than ANY STATUS will blank out the Balance column.  
  • Yes, I have followed the instructions. Here is the screen shot of my account. It shows the "Today's Balance" of 9775.27, but the actual balance is 2366.62. I agree the Windows version (Q14) was better.
  • volvogirl
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    You need to be sorted in Date order with the newest current date AT THE BOTTOM.  You need to reverse the sort order.  Click the Date column heading to reverse the sort order.  See there is a little black triangle?

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • volvogirl
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    I don't see what's wrong on your screen shot.  It gives the running balance.  And shows today's balance in the side bar.  Do you want to see the future balance in the side bar?  Wait.....why should the balance be 2,366?  Where does that come from?  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • The Running total does not include the future transactions that have been entered into the register and is literally the total as of that date and transaction. When I include all of the scheduled transactions that have been entered, the balance is 23xx.xx. I have an actual checkbook register that is maintained and is synced with the quicken register.
  • PS, having the newest date on the bottom vs the top has no change in the numbers except order.
  • chitownhockey
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    I must be missing something.  Are you actually looking at the Balance Column...or the sidebar amount?  Because when I look at the register, all the future entries are there and the running balance column is absolutely correct.  

    If you're talking about the sidebar amount for that account, click on the three dots above the sidebar and select "Show Projected Balance in the Sidebar". That will give you the same ending balance as shows in the register.  

    And if that's what your issue is, you stated it poorly through all these responses.  
  • chitownhockey
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    And if your actual balance is different than the amount shown of $9775.27, you either have missing transactions, incorrect transactions, deleted transactions or your Starting Balance is incorrect.  That's the only way to account for a mismatch in the current balance.  

    In most cases, the Starting Balance is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.  

    One final question...have you ever reconciled this account to a bank statement?  If so, did it ever balance?  

    Let us know.  
  • OK folks, I appreciate the help, but I am apparently not getting my question across. I have reconciled this account every month, it always balances. I do not have missing transactions nor any other issues. The "projected balance" shows correctly after all the scheduled transactions have been entered as paid. The "todays balance" on the top right shows the balance as of this date, but does not include any future scheduled transactions, whether they are entered as paid or not. You will note that not all of the future transaction have been entered as paid, yet the running balance shows the balance including that transaction. The running total is also by date. I am looking for the current balance of ALL "entered as paid" transactions in the register, not including the scheduled transactions that have not yet been entered as paid. IE the current balance in the register. As I stated previously, the actual balance of the register including the scheduled transactions have been entered as paid, but not the scheduled transaction that have not yet been entered as paid is 23xx.xx.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello Joseph1918,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your question.

    Currently, there is no option to show a balance that only includes paid scheduled transactions.

    The "Today's balance" will show the balance as of today.

    The "Projected Balance" will show the ending balance including unpaid scheduled transactions.

    I hope this clarifies.

    -Quicken Tyka

  • I just contacted Quicken's chat line. The only solution is to delete the scheduled transactions, mark them as paid, or skip them. Unfortunately this renders the functionality of the scheduled transaction feature as less than desirable. Too bad, because that was always a feature in the Windows versions I used, Quicken 2014 and 2011.
  • BINGO!! That did it. Balance is perfect. I'll just mark future transactions from the Bill tab. Too bad the Quicken guru's missed it. Thanks!
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