Way to get around the mileage tracker?

I find the Quicken mileage tracker burdensome and instead am using an Excel spreadsheet to track my mileage. What is the best and easiest way to enter this info into Quicken so it shows up in Schedule E? I'd like to just enter the monetary amount somewhere once a month. All of the details including odometer readings are already in Excel.

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    How about inputting a single Monthly transaction into the Mileage tracker that summarizes your Excel data?
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  • Actually, I thought of that, but it makes you input your odometer reading at start and end of the trip. Since I drive other places during the month, that won't work. So now I thought, what if I create a cash account. Then I would enter 2 transactions: the first to 'add' cash back into the account, the second to withdraw it using the automobile expense attached to Schedule E. It looks like that will work, but let me know if you think of something more elegant!
  • Oh ha ha! Thanks. Perfect
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