How to recategorize investment activities in mass?

I have a Municipal Bond Managed account that automatically categorizes interest earned transactions as '_IntInc' when I download. I would like to categorize these as '_IntIncTaxFree' to segregate from taxable interest but the category drop down is greyed out and not functional. The Find and Replace tool does not allow this for Investment transactions. Not sure how to enter a new transaction with this category either if I select 'Inc - Income (Div, Int, etc.)' from the dropdown at the top of the input screen next to 'Enter Transaction:'.

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    Thank you for the responses. I confirmed that the Tax Free Box is checked in the Security Details. The Category remains as '_IntInc' however in the Investment Income Report under INCOME it does show a line for tax free interest income and when I double click the '_IntIncTaxFree' line in the report, my tax free interest transactions are shown, although it still shows the category as '_IntInc' for each of the transactions. It would be nice if Quicken would display a different category for this.
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