Bill Reminder estimate by time of year

I'm trying to setup a bill reminder to estimate the amount by time of year, but I'm getting an error that says "Quicken can't find a matching transaction at this time last year (12 months prior to the reminder date, plus or minus 1 week)."

Is reminder date the due date, or the due date minus the number of days in advance you have it configured to remind you?

If it is the due date, then using plus or minus 1 week seems wrong. I would hope I wouldn't have paid it late, and I certainly might have paid it more than a week before it was due, especially given Quicken gives advance notice about bills being due.

I've tried changing the number of days advance notice, and that doesn't seem to affect it.

Quicken really should be smarter about this. It should have an option for adjusting the window it looks in (for example up to 20 days prior), and if it were to find multiple matches in the window use the one closest to the date.

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