The Portfolio Morningstar X-ray does not include any of my savings accounts or CDs.

This throws my allocations way off because I have a significant amount of money in my credit union account. How can I get those accounts included in the Morningstar analysis? They are listed under Investments in my files,
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  • q_lurker
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    I'll say you can't.  The feed to the M* X-ray does not include cash accounts even if they have been repositioned into the Investments section.

    You can create a fictional brokerage account, feed it with the cash value of your other accounts, and include that account in the X-Ray request.  This would be as simple as having an empty brokerage account (no transactions, no dollar value).  When you want the X-Ray picture, edit the Opening Balance to that dollar amount.  Review the X-ray info.  When done, edit that opening balance transaction back to $0.  

    That's the best I can offer..
  • PeggySproul
    PeggySproul Member ✭✭
    Is there a way to submit this problem as a change suggestion to Quicken?
  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Quicken almost supports this now. If you want to treat your credit union account as an investment account, you can go to the Account Details for that account and on the Display Options tab you can set the Account intent to Investment. This causes the account to be grouped with your investment accounts in the Account bar, and it also appears in the available accounts for the X-Ray.

    However even with a banking account included in the X-Ray selections, it appears that the analysis does not include the cash in that account. I would call this a bug.

    If you were to set up the credit union account as a brokerage account that holds only cash, then its cash balance would be included in the X-Ray. But with this setup you would not be able to download transactions for that account.
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  • q_lurker
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    @PeggySproul:  Someone took the liberty of moving your post to the Ideas section where it is more likely to get the attention of the programmers.  Jim's comment that the omission may be a bug is on target, so that might get fixed, one way or another.  

    You should revisit your original post (now an idea) and vote it up by clicking the up-arrow.  
  • Since1996
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    Some more bug characterization:

    I did some research on this issue on R24.11.

    I looked at the Allocations Tab under Quicken to see my Allocations. I took the Large & Small Cap percentages and added them together to arrive at the US Stocks total percentage.

    I went online to the Morningstar web site which has my portfolio and looked at my allocations in the Morningstar Web based X-Ray Interpreter. (I have a Morningstar Premium membership.)

    These two allocation graphs and percentages match including the Cash allocation percentage.

    Then I looked at the same new X-Ray Interpreter inside Quicken and the allocation percentages were very wrong.

    I followed up by comparing the X-Ray commentary between the two X-Ray Interpreters and they are very different. The Quicken one said I have an aggressive portfolio while the Morningstar web one says I have a moderately risky one. Furthermore, the World Region and Stock Type over exposure areas were different between the correct web X-Ray and the broken Quicken one.

    Apparently, this is what is happening:
    1. The Quicken Allocations page takes into account my cash assets. Money market securities in Quicken are marked Type "Money Market" and the asset class is marked "Cash" and the prices are not downloaded. Their price is fixed at $1 except in very rare cases.
    2. The Morningstar Web page also takes into account my cash assets. How is this possible? The Morningstar Portfolio editor has a place to enter Cash assets. I did so. I ran a selected security & account Quicken balance report to collect all my cash assets, including banks and investment side money market funds. I entered this total into the Cash panel on the Morningstar web site portfolio editor.
    3. I agree the new Quicken X-Ray Interpreter does not take into account all your cash assets.

    Worse than the percentage errors are the bad portfolio commentary in Quicken's version of the X-Ray Interpreter. Very misleading.

    I suspect Morningstar includes the cash mutual funds hold in your Cash total, and so does the cash total in Quicken's Asset Allocation page under the Allocations tab. So the cash total here on my correct Quicken Asset Allocation page is my bank cash, plus my money market fund cash, and the cash reserves held by stock or bond or ETF funds.
  • PeggySproul
    PeggySproul Member ✭✭
    I have cash in a credit union and it's included in my Quicken allocation report. But the Morningstar report within Quicken does not include it.