CC-502 error when attempting to do One Step Update with Barclays Bank Del

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This has been happening for several days when I do a One Step Update for all my bank accounts. The only one that has the CC-502 error is Barclays Bank Delaware.

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  • maxbeme
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    Jetblue Business Card will not complete updating freezes and crashes Quicken 2019. I have had this issue ongoing from Nov. 1, 2019. Keep getting runaround from Barclay Bank and Quicken. Anyone find solution?
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    Over the years I have had several times where one step update not working with Barclays credit card download, and just got used to downloading the transactions from Barclay website to Quicken. Tonight I just thought I'd try resetting the account using the "online services" tab, and it worked with one step update. Don't know if it will work tomorrow, though. I'll see.
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    [removed - unconfirmed information]
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    I see that my January 13 comment has been removed. In this comment I reported that I wasn't able to download transactions and was told by a Barclay's representative that it was because they had discontinued their relationship with Quicken. Fortunately this is not the case since I was able to log in to my account today and download my transactions.
    The mystery to me is why a Barclays representative would tell me they had discontinued working with Quicken when they clearly have not done so.
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