Tracking bonus program with a vesting schedule paid in company stock?

Michael Jones
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New area of Quicken for me (I've lurked here in the boards off and on for a while and helped when I could, but this part of investing I'm asking about is new for me in Quicken, so thanks in advance).

My company switched part of our bonus program this year to a 4 year vesting grant of company stock.  The trick is the bonus amount can change every year based on company performance and the grant is whatever number of shares make up that dollar figure at time of award.

So, as an example, using made-up numbers for a $40,000 bonus, to be paid $10,000 a year for 4 years in $10k equivalents of stock. So if the stock was $1,000 on grant date one, I'd be granted 10 shares if the vesting grant was $10k that year.  If the company exceeds expectations in year 2, that year's grant could be worth $12,000.  Assuming the same $1,000 stock price on grant date 2, year 2, I'd be granted 12 shares that year.  And so on, until the grant expired.

Is there an effective way to track this in Quicken?  I've read most of the ESGO, RSU, etc. info, and most of that seem to be based on knowing a fixed number of stock units up front.  Or should I just let my brokerage track them and then only record the exercises each year as 'stock in' transactions?

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  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Thanks Tom.  I suspected from your other posts that such might be the case, but I couldn't find anything directly to this scheme.  I'll probably just hold out each year and put in the award as it happens.  Not like I earn it until it happens.  So far, it seems they issue me a $0 pay stub with all the breakouts on it, so I can easily do those as I did this year for withholding.  
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