Can you group investment accounts for organization?

I work with 2 different financial institutions with multiple accounts in each - is it possible to create a group under the Investing sections allowing me to organize all accounts under each financial institution - which also would show the total of each of those accounts? For example, I would have a Schwab group with 4 accounts - with the summary total of those accounts. Another grouping for Ameritrade, etc.? I've got them all organized by adding a SCH-XXX in front of each Schwab account, AMER-XXX in front of Ameritrade, etc - which works but doesn't give a subtotal of each grouping. Hope this makes sense.

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  • chitownhockey
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    Makes perfect sense.  But can't be done in Quicken, in the Sidebar or Reports.

    I'd export a report with those accounts into Excel...and group them for subtotals there.  Not ideal, but it works.  
  • bmciance
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    It would be great but sadly, no it can't be done.  The best I have been able to do in Quicken is make phony investment accounts in Quicken and have the names be something like " *********  Traditional IRAs  **************** " or " ***************  Roth IRAs  ************* "  etc.  I make these accounts hidden in transaction entry lists and in the account bar (but they still show up in the portfolio view).  In my portfolio view I arrange them using these accounts as separators.   It's no where near ideal and you can't total the accounts in each group.  It's really just a visual thing so that it is easy to see the like accounts together.  If you need more than that I agree with chitownhockey and do it in Excel.
  • Jim_Harman
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    This is similar to this product idea

    You can go there and add comments and/or vote for it.
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  • Matt
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    Thanks UKR - your answer isn't ideal but certainly works - thanks again!
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