Search both transaction memo and split memo at the same time for a search string

I just converted my quicken 2010 (q2010) to the latest subscription. In q2010 either transaction memo or split memo are searched at the same time for the search string. When found in either memo the results are returned from both and displayed in the report. The latest subscription it only searches in the split memo only and not the transaction memo which has the search string in it also. Only returns the split memo results. How can I get the latest subscription transaction/split memo fields to be searched at the same time like q2010?


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    QWin has several ways to search. Which one are you referring to? Global search, register search, Find command?
    Banking account or investment account?
    Also provide a real example of a transaction which should be found but is not.

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    QWin has several ways to search. Which one are you referring to?
    register search
    Find command?
    Menu item-->Customize--[Tab]Tags
    Memo contains box
    Menu item-->Customize--[Tab]Payees
    Memo contains box
    Menu item-->Customize--[Tab]Catagories
    Memo contains box
    Banking account
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    It sounds like you are trying to customize a report so it contains just the transactions that include certain text in either the transaction or the split memo field. Do I have this right?

    If I open the standard Itemized Categories report and click on the gear at the top right then on the Categories tab I enter the search text in the Memo contains box, it appears to select the transactions that have that text in either the transaction or the split memo. Are you seeing something different? If you are having problems using a saved report you might try starting with one of the standard reports.
    If you just want to find those transactions in the account's register, then while viewing the register you can do Edit > Find and select Memo, Contains, and enter the text you are looking for.
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