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In the Investing Tab I have a couple dozen ticker symbol stocks I manage. More than a year ago I bought a new stock called Philip Morris ticker symbol PM.

 Upon entering this new stock into the Investing portfolio list, I noticed that the Price Day Change column that shows how much up or down each stock's price was moving in a given day was blank, but just for PM. All the other stocks would show the price moved up or down by dollar and change amounts in that day.

 Then more recently I bought Abbvie ticker symbol ABBV. After adding this new stock, PM started showing the Price Day Change amounts, but now ABBV's Price Day Change is blank.

 Quicken calculates the rest of the data points on the Investing page for ABBV and PM and all the other older stocks. Only the Price Day Change for the newest stock is blank.

 But also, if I buy more shares of stocks I already have in my portfolio, such as if I buy more shares of PM, ABBV's Price Day Change stays blank and I can see all of the data points in PM and everything for ABBV except for the Price Day Change. Adding more shares of an existing stock makes no change.

 I predict if I buy another new stock and add it to the investing portfolio, then ABBV's Price Day Change will be shown, but the new stock's Price Day Change will be blank. Also, if I click on the ticker symbol ABBV within the Investment Portfolio page, when ABBV's page opens, then within that page I can see how many dollars and cents ABBV's price has moved, up or down for that day.

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  • calabazar
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    Jim, you are right changing the "as of" date back and forth fixes the issue.
    However, that is a walk around for a programming issue, hopefully Quicken is working on a solution...
    You are the first person to provide an accurate answer to the issue, I spent over 1 our with chat support and got nowhere...they ask me to install and reinstall
    with no results, and the end I was told that they will contact me via email, never happened.
    Thanks again !
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