Quicken Premier 2020 crashes every time I try to perform a "Matching Security" from Chase

Amy Chan
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Hi -

First off, I am using Quicken Premier 2020 on Windows 7 loaded on VMware Fusion 11.5.1 on my MacBook (OS 10.14.6).

I have linked my Chase investments accounts to Quicken for downloads, but every time I click on the account (which has a red flag showing that there are new transactions to accept", I get the "Matching Security" window. No matter whether I select "Yes" or "No" to the question
"Is this the same as one of the securities that you are already tracking in Quicken?", my Quicken program immediately crashes as soon as I press "Next". I then get a window titled "Quicken Crash Report", which says:

"Quicken unexpectedly quit the last time it was run.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please help the Quicken team to eliminate the issue bu providing us with the following details. We might contact you for additional information."

Then I can add an email address and comment, and chose the send or not send the error report. I have tried clicking on View Report Details, but it references 4 files that I don't know how to interpret.

The strange thing is, one of the accounts that I sync works just fine! There are 4 accounts at Chase that are under the same username and password, but only one of them syncs and accepts all transactions without a crash.

These accounts have SO many transitions and securities in them. I cannot manually enter it all - I need the downloads to work!

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  • jr7107
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    Amy can you backup the file and then do a File/Data Validation operation and then retest?

    Also an account Reset/Deactivate/Reactivate could be done as well but would suggest the validation first.

    Will try some of the simple tools first and see if that clears it up.
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  • Amy Chan
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    I have validated and repaired the file multiple times already, and deleted the accounts that cause the crash and re-added them to quicken, always with the same result. Pulling my hair out with frustration with this!
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