How do I handle out of date brokerage accounts?

I'm using the most current version of Quicken-Premier Version R23.18 on a Windows 10 system with my Quicken files [successfully] on a NAS drive.

I have several checking and savings accounts that I keep current in Quicken. A couple of these checking and savings accounts I have been maintaining since 2001. However, I also have 6+ accounts at one brokerage [Schwab] with IRAs, Roths, SEP, 401k and standard investments that I have let get seriously out of date in my Quicken records.

I want to start fresh in Quicken with those brokerage accounts and yet keep intact the account information and data I have for my existing checking and savings accounts that I have maintained. There has been some transfers between the brokerage and other checking and savings accounts in the past that I've recorded in Quicken. I'm okay if I have to manually reconstruct those brokerage to bank transfer transactions.

I don't much care about the history or records of those specific brokerage accounts. I'm ok with losing or archiving the data these brokerage accounts in Quicken and just having the most recent data that I can download from Schwab for these accounts. Then I can start managing these brokerage and all my other accounts in Quicken moving forward.

I'll make backups before I start and during the process, but what is the best method to clean out or ignore the older brokerage account(s) data and start afresh? Is there a support article or other faq? I've tried searching the community to no avail. Maybe I'm not describing my need well enough in my searches.

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