Investments as Top Level Categories?

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When I run a report, I would like to see "Investment" as a top level category, and Interest, Dividends, etc., as sub categories. That is how they appear in the category list and it is how every other category works in the reports. This would enable me to roll up all investment related items to the summary level, like the other categories. Is this a bug or a "feature"?

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    Use the Category Summary stock report.

    Customize to include only your Investment accounts.  Customize it to include Interest, Dividend, Short term capital gains and Long term capital gains categories ONLY.

    Make sure that the option "Update view to show me" has "Details for all categories" checked.  

    Your investment will show as a top income level and the other categories will show below.

    Or if you want just a summary of each, select "A summary of all categories". 
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