What is the difference between cash flow report and itemized categories income and expense reports

Where or how do I enter interest accrued to my 401(k) plan so that it does not show up in my cash flow report. Earned or accrued 401(k) interest eventually comes back to me as part of future RMD receipts. If I enter the accrued interest in the category "interest" it shows up in the cash flow and itemized income expenditures reports. I am trying to verify my actual annual expenditures, but the cash flow, account balances and expenditures report do not give same results. What am I doing wrong? Part of the problem is that almost all of my income is deposited directly to my checking account and then through internal transfers goes to other accounts from which expenditure debits are made.

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  • James Engles
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    Tom, thanks for the quick response. That solves my problem reconciling the reports. Jim
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