Reports will not display payee name

I have been using Quicken for many years. At the end of each year, I create income and expense reports broken down by category for later use in tax returns. To do this, I open the saved report from the previous year, select the current year's data and then save the new report for use in the current year's tax returns. Until this year, every categorized income and expense report could be broken down by individual transactions and would display BOTH payee name and amount.

However, with the latest version of Quicken, when I open the most recent saved report, while the category name and subtotals are displayed, when I try to have the report display individual transactions under each category, the report will display individual transaction amounts but NOT the payee name. I have been unable to find any option within the customization settings that will resolve this problem. I have even tried creating a new report (rather than opening a saved one) but the problem persists. This issue seems to be problem based. I'd sure appreciate any suggestions.

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  • Aaron Fink
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    EXCELLENT! That solved the problem. Many thanks
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